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Our megarule bamboo folding height chart was featured in the StyleLab interior styling project at LifeInStyle recently (that’s it, snaking across the floor in the shot above). It has been so popular it has currently sold out, but our bamboo elves are currently working up some more.

A few years ago I moved home and left behind on the door jamb the carefully recorded heights of my first born, that I’d marked in pencil. I told myself I’d get out the baking paper and trace them before I left, but somehow after trying to pack up the house into boxes faster than my toddler helper unpacked them, I forgot.  The new house we moved into had heights of the previous occupants marked up a door jamb, stretching over a decade.  Each time I walk past this door, I think of them and wonder if they remembered to take it with them?

It got me thinking that I needed a permanent solution for marking my family’s height history – and the only permanent solution is a portable one that can follow you from home to home, where ever you may roam.  So I designed the megarule.

Made from sustainable bamboo which is light but sturdy so it can last for years, jointed so it can fold up easily, and in neutral wood tones so it plays nicely with the other decor.  I loved the simple beauty and utilty of my grandfather’s old fashioned carpenter’s rule, and from there I just blew it up into the 2 metre megarule,  capable of measuring all the megafauna in our household.

If you’d like to measure some megafauna of your own, you can order it online here.


megarule bamboo folding height chart