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Devil-Devil in da house

Devil Devil

My friend the Poetess recently gave me this wonderful Devil-Devil figure, handwoven in pandanus grass by Sarah Bidingal Ashley, an Aboriginal artist from Arnhem Land.  The legs reminded her of mine, but for me they bring to mind Pippy Longstocking – fun, feisty and stripey.  The figure is a Mukuy, a dangerous devil spirit;  Apparently you hear them playing didjeridu at night, and they can play with your mind and make you lose your way in otherwise familiar country.  This could explain some recent goings on around here.

The artist has bound the Devil-Devil’s arms to reduce the havoc it can cause. Sensible. I may try this with the kids.


Handwoven highlights

hand woven basket light

Harriet Goodall handmade basket light

Whilst I wait for the last leaves to fall off my local willow tree so I can harvest branches and weave some of my ideas into reality, I’ve been looking around for inspiration.  There are so many beauties on Harriet Goodall’s random weaving site, but the basket light for a little boy’s room with interwoven twigs/ feathers/ printed excerpts from the tale of baby Moses in a basket is a highlight.  So beautiful.