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rokii goes to Korea

rokii goes to Korea

our little rokii has been selected to be displayed at Design Korea 2012. So a pair of rokiis are jetting off to the land of kimchi to strut their stuff on the design catwalk.


Oh mOmma! Gorgeous baby bottles

It’s rare to get excited about baby bottles, but I saw these mOmma products at a recent trade show and they are just beautiful.  Not only are their chubby forms adorable, but they’re BPA free and have a weighted bottom so they are self-righting when knocked.  Brilliant. 

They have just been brought to Australia, and I’m currently searching for stockists.

Your ideas made real

Ponoko is a brilliant concept for getting designs you have in your head made into reality.  You design on 2D templates then they laser cut flat sheets of the specified material, which could be cardboard, felt, leather, bamboo, acrylic, veneer or MDF.  There’s a vast range of things that can be made, from jewellery to furniture.  I’m itching to use it for a few ideas that have been circling my head looking for a way out.  Here’s a sample – the possibilities are mind boggling:

Bamboo cutout pendant by Designerica

Philly Flatwear saladservers by Wes Thomas

Drop Light by Vanilla Design Store


Hippo by Wood Marvels

“Work” desk and “Rest” stool by Carla Diana

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One Sexy Pruning Tool

I love a session of aggressive garden pruning, lopping off dead bits and disciplining unruly plants.  But every time I do this, I wish I hadn’t left my old secateurs lying out in the rain or discarded in the dirt after my last session.  Now I’ve found my perfect pair – the very groovy hidden spring Cyclone secateurs – the design protects the spring from rust and general garden gunk, plus it has a lifetime guarantee.  No wonder it won the Australian Design Award.  Pruning just got even more satisfying.

It’s a Keeper – the reusable takeaway coffee cup

I really like this brilliantly designed, reusable coffee cup.  Most disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled due to their lining, so they end up as landfill.  If I counted up my coffees per day, and worked out how many cups I contribute to landfill each year – well it’s an ugly thought.  My KeepCup goes a little way to helping that, whilst preventing spillage and insulating the coffee better than a disposable cup.  They come in different colours & sizes, are recyclable, and can be tossed in the dishwasher and microwave (personally, I’m not a fan of microwaved coffee…).

KeepCup SML A

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