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Kevin’s Green Heroes

Put up your hand if you like Grand Designs?
Put up your hand if you love Kevin McCloud?
Kevin has just chosen our rokii rocker & ride-on in his top 10 “Green Hero” products, celebrating “the very best and latest in Australian eco design and innovations.”
rokii will be showcased at the Grand Designs Live exhibition in Sydney this weekend, and Melbourne 25-27th October.
The exhibit is “designed to not only excite and inspire but to identify new trends, talent and concepts, and celebrate Grand Designs Live’s wider message of environmental friendliness and sustainable living.”

You can put your hands down now.

Kevin McCloud


rokii won the silver!

We’re seriously excited rokii has just won the silver award in recognition of design excellence in the Design For Asia Awards.  The DFA gongs were hotly contested with thousands of entries from around the globe competing alongside our rokii 3-in-1 rocker & ride-on.

rokii is looking forward to rocking the medal podium at the awards ceremony, collecting some silverware for the trophy cabinet, giving an effusive speech thanking the international judging panel, then wearing said bling to the after party for a little celebration session.

Meanwhile, back at bower & beyond HQ, we’ll be taking care of business. Somebody’s got to.  Might have to take turns wearing that medal when it gets back home though…


we heart rokii

we heart rokii

we heart rokii

We’re delighted to be featured in Olive’s world, a blog for super stylish mummies & cool kiddies by a blogger who happens to live just around the corner from me, Katie. It’s a lovely little escape from the everyday, perusing beautiful images and wondering if you could really rock those sequins & heels on the school run.  Maybe one day, when I’ve had more sleep?

In Katie’s own words, she describes “…an incredible product from Bower & Beyond called rokii. Rokii is a contemporary, sleek, innovative product of design and functionality. Its starts off as a rocking egg for your newborn and grows with your child into a gorgeous ride-on or rocking animal which can be used through until pre-school. Sophie the creator of Bower and Beyond has come up with an incredibly stylish product with
long lasting value… love it!”

Thanks to Katie & Olive.

Introducing “rokii”

Once upon a time there was a mother who was sick of baby stuff used for a few months then discarded, a garage rapidly filling with kiddy clutter, and the ugliness of baby gear ruining the decor.   She thought to herself, surely there’s a product that can make my life easier, adapt to different uses as my little monsters grow, be safe and easy to use and look completely fabulous at the same time?  Surely?

So she hatched a plan for a multi-functional, groovy looking baby rocker and kid’s toy, got busy with a sketchbook, made some crazy rough cardboard models, then sought the help of industrial designers to bring the design to life.

After 2 years of design development, various prototypes and extensive stress testing of products and her own family, the design is ready for commercial production.  It’s been quite a ride.

rokii baby rocker and ride on toy

rokii in its wild habitat

So what is rokii?

rokii is a baby rocker and child’s chair that converts to a ride on toy, for use from newborn to preschool age.

The idea is that it can be used as a baby rocker for soothing newborns, a kid’s chair up to preschool age, a modern update on the rocking horse, or a wheeled ride on toy.  It grows and adapts as your family grows.  It’s built to last and look great whilst making your life a little bit easier.

If you’d like more details see for the full rundown, then let me know your thoughts.

And now that mother is off for a dry martini to celebrate happily every after.

(Awright, no martini since I’m a bit pregnant right now.  Mocktail.  Sigh).

rokii baby rocker with harness

rokii kid's chair

rokii rocking animal

rokii on wheels