Best in Show

Just back from the LifeInStyle trade show, where we launched rokii and our first home + child collection. We were delighted with the response – huge enthusiasm for rokii and lots of great new stockists.


1. The lovely ladies at KidStyleFile declared rokii Best in Show. Woof.  They said “The combined functionality and aesthetic of rokii make it one clever package, and we absolutely love it.  The rokii wins our vote for best new product at the show.”

2. The über stylish design maven Terri Winter fell for rokii, so the little beastie will be rocking and rolling into Top3byDesign in early October.


1. Standing on concrete floors for 9 hours a day whilst 8 months pregnant, showing people your product collection can be really quite tiring. (As can explaining that it’s actually your 4th child, so you already know that you’re going to be rather busy). At least the people were incredibly lovely and I didn’t go into labour.

2. Who knew a trade show could have such awful coffee?  Aren’t there laws against that in Melbourne?



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