Baby Safety: essential information for parents

If you’ve been wondering where the instruction manual for your child is, this collection of free and reliable information sources is a good place to start.

Many people will relish telling you all the things that can go wrong with your baby.  But you’ll do a great job as a parent if you’re armed with information and always trust your instincts.

Take a deep breath and read on.


Safety Information: – an independent consumer watchdog, providing product reviews and advice.  They have a section just for babies and plenty of free advice in addition to paid content. Their Baby Safety Shopping Guide is free.

Consumer product safety regulation in Australia:  They offer a  free booklet “Keeping Baby Safe: a guide to nursery furniture

CPR for babies, a printable illustrated guide: – there are also other illustrated parenting guides available.

SIDS information including a useful safe sleeping booklet is available from

Australian child restraint laws.  Despite Federation, laws differ from state to state regarding what baby or child seat is required. The laws of each state are outlined at

The child accident prevention foundation can be found at See the 10 most common injuries to Australian children at

Information on immunisation from the Australian government:

Plastics safety guide – guide on plastics, their symbols and any safety concerns; Not all plastics are created equal.  Especially useful for assessing which baby bottle/teething products to buy.


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