Bye bye chicken feet, hello home.

Nothing like getting home to the familiar where I can blend in, instead of standing head and shoulders above the crowd whilst I try manoeuvring my enormous pregnant belly through the swarming mass and then realise I’m going the wrong way.

I’ve just returned from a fascinating trip to China, visiting factories manufacturing my rokii baby rocker and ride-on toy.  Several factories with different specialities are contributing to the design, so I covered a lot of ground in high-speed trains and not-low-enough speed cars.  The work ethic, quality control, professionalism and general attitude of people I met was impressive; so much can-do attitude. 

The caring hospitality of locals was truly lovely, but some of the culinary specialities ordered for me had limited appeal – I’ll have a go at most food but there’s only so many chicken feet and whole garlic cloves I can happily digest whilst gestating.  I also got a lot of surprised stares, shock and awe that it was my third baby, and well-intentioned questions about where my husband was?   I found time to buy what I thought were gorgeous little traditional Chinese silk PJs for my little ones – it was only later I realised they’d result in that culturally awkward look of politicians in traditional outfits attendng an APEC summit.

PJs for the little people

Anyways now all I have to do over the next month is get the first production run into full swing and have another baby.  Simple.  Looks like baby number 3 won’t be getting that nursery makeover that I also never did for number one or two.


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