The Selby – interiors so hip it hurts

Ahhhh, the ineffable joy of perusing a book that features arty/smarty/crafty types in their eclectic homes, beautifully photographed.   It’s an antidote to mass-produced interiors, and the scrawled handwritten notes and wacky photos are definitely entertaining, but don’t think for a moment these people are so hip they just don’t care – these are seriously self-conscious cool folk.   

The interiors are kooky and dishevelled, the kind that might make your Mamma want to start up the vacuum and grab a rag to wipe over a few crusty surfaces, meanwhile the inhabitants are artistic and photogenic, lounging about in their carefully curated wardrobes or underwear.  

This book is great escapism if you can climb the mountain of pretence and just go with the journey, deep into the heartland of the uber-cool.  You know you want to.

“The Selby is in Your Place” by Todd Selby

The Selby is in your place


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