No really, what’s actually on your plate?

I greatly enjoy reading ‘My Day on a Plate’, the weekend newspaper article with some nubile young thing and what they eat each day, plus a critical assessment by a nutritionist of their dietary performance.  And performance it is.  Honestly, who makes a cooked breakfast of organic egg white omelette, freshly squeeze orange juice, and fresh fruit from the local farmer’s market with extra virgin Peruvian goats yoghurt each morning?  Methinks no one.   Come on you sanctimonious little food fetishists, fess up. 

If these people really ate what they say they do, they’d have no energy for the 2 hour intense cardio followed by 3 hour yoga session that they supposedly also do daily.  Lord.  I love that everyone goes along with this elaborate hoax, but maybe it’s time for a reality check?  Who do you know that really starts off each day with lemon squeezed into a glass of water – and isn’t that bad for the enamel on your teeth anyway? 

For comparison purposes here’s my day on a plate:

Coffee, bircher muesli with yoghurt, coffee, put apple in bag for snack later, sandwich for lunch, home made choc-chip cookie, oops, 2 chocolate covered almonds, oops, green tea, cheese on biscuit, homemade beef burgers with green salad and avocado, half glass of wine (tut, tut), followed by ice-cream since the growing baby demands it and it’s hot and humid and I darn well need it too, thank you very much.  Then a few more chocolate covered almonds.  It’s about then that I discover and remove the tired and squashed apple from bottom of bag, cut up, and put into worm farm.


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  1. Posted by Weezie on June 9, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Love it Soph…… finally someone thats realistic, love the chocolate almonds, only i end up eating the whole bag in one sitting and thats just part of the sugar fix for the day 🙂


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