Stitch and bitch

Being allergic to pernicious princess/fairy pink and purple over-embellished polyester frocks that are everywhere, I decided to whip up a simple frock or two for my little girl.  I found some fabric, invested $6, and spent a couple of happy hours drawing up a pattern on the kitchen bench whilst she ate the dressmaker’s chalk, then making a dress whilst she slept.  All good. 

Little frock for my little aromatherapist

I was repaid by the same little treasure waking at midnight and crying for 3 hours for no particular reason I could fathom.  Nothing lonelier than holding a crying baby at 3.00am in the morning, in the dark, wishing your husband wasn’t on the other side of the planet. 

She capped off her appreciation by stealing the Chinese 5 spice powder from the pantry this morning, and spreading it all over my formerly white bedspread.  Aromatherapy by one year old. 

There will be no more frocks for her.


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  1. Posted by sare on February 16, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Ah Soph you poor thing! Emmy has decided to start her days at 5am lately. Am I correct in saying that no 3 is on its way…? If so, when and what the hell were you thinking!?


  2. Well it goes a little something like this. One day you visit the Dr because you’re feeling tired and have self-diagnosed that you are very low on iron. You’ve been taking Swiss Ultivite, but it doesn’t give you more energy, in fact, it just seems to be making you bloated. Then the Dr suggests a pregnancy test. You scoff as you know you’re not pregnant. But then you are. Various expletives follow.
    I found out this little gem of unexpected news at 11 weeks. Right now I have 10 weeks to go. Just need a new car, an extra bedroom and some deep psychotherapy and all will be well. x


  3. Posted by jodi keall on February 17, 2011 at 7:49 am

    Rest assured Sophie you are not alone with your little one at 3am, as chances are I am up with mine at that time, or any other time during the night for that matter!

    New car, extra bedroom, … Yep, I know all about that!


    • I’m thinking it would be good to have some telepathy going so we can keep each other company whilst a bebe (or two for you) squeals the night away…


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