Time to move on from destination scrolls

OK, at first I liked them.  The old-fashioned text, the curled edges, the destinations imbued with meaning, the evident pride of place in displaying the local instead of Paris/London/NY clichés. But now there’s a plague of destination scrolls, they’re reproduced in bulk on teatowels and wall hangings, and I’m falling out of like with them. 

But I do still like the idea of recording a personal journey – something that looks like an interesting typographical display to the casual observer, but means so much more to those involved. 

On my 5th wedding anniversary I wanted to celebrate the journey so far, so I drew up a list of places we’ve been together, consulting my passport so they were in chronological order.  After some heated cursing at my bungled attempts to make it look just so, I outsourced to a talented graphic designer friend who twirled them into a beautiful nautilus shape for me.  

The journey so far...

I particularly like the fact that future destinations can be added so that the spiral can just keep on growing through the years (assuming we get game enough to put our small humans on a plane some day… or leave them behind, perhaps).  Happy travels.


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  1. this is such a cute idea! you guys have been to so many places…good for u!


    • Ah thank you, Mrs Cummings – sadly our rate of travel has rapidly decreased with the arrival of 2 little monsters… They are not yet domesticated and cannot be trusted on long haul flights.


  2. Hey, do an Australian one, far more exciting.


    • One day I’ll put the husband and little monsters in the back of a campervan and show them their amazing country – I’ve been lucky enough to see a fair bit of it, but am always keen to see more. It just requires a long holiday for those long, long roads…


  3. Posted by Gaby on December 9, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Sophie, I think that’s awesome. I rolled my head around and followed the trail, and thought how wonderful you’ve been all those places together. Then I remembered a trip with both you & Hask to “Mariage Freres”, where you didn’t share your cake with him, so next time you’re updating, I think Paris needs to be added.



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