Renovator’s delight

Blank canvas…
 Our house is over 100 years old and some bits are in need of Botox.  But due to two home-grown terrorists bashing into walls, writing on furniture and breaking anything they get their sticky paws on, renovating now would be like throwing money down the toilet (another of their tricks).

Whilst we wait for the terrorists to grow up, I am going to use my newly repaired 1970’s doll house (replete with exposed brick wall paper, felt animal hide wall hanging and Swedish sauna wood panelling) as a blank canvas for testing out interior decorating schemes.  Much more satisfying than sticking things in a scrapbook for later reference, and of course, then the little terrorists will have a fully pimped-out pad for Woody and Buzz to live in.

The collection of samples of fabric, wallpaper and paint charts is starting in earnest, several years before any actual renovations, but this time with zero angst about using the wrong colour.  No agonizing for hours over the Magnolia vs EggShell vs Parchment vs Moroccan Sands half strength.

 I’m thinking along the following lines:

1. Funky Town Lounge : it’s an experimental scheme with a little bit of kitsch and a little bit of porn – slick wallpaper, fluffy rugs and all that other stuff that I’ve wondered whether I could live with. Potentially frightening, possibly crass, but the dolls won’t care.

2. English Country Manor Library: marble fireplace, polished wood doors and windows, bookshelves, trophy heads hung on walls, flora and fauna prints, chesterfield sofa with fur throw and velvet armchair. Just add butler.

3. Chill Out Space: it’s a beach retreat vibe, a little bit Hamptons- raw linen, rattan and cane and painted furniture for sprawling on, seashells and hand blown glass. Martha would approve.

4. Outdoor Room:  a relaxed vibe – cocktail cart on wheels, daybed, umbrella with tassles, plunge pool.  Ahhhh, the serenity.

Decor for dolls - can't go wrong


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