Throwing stuff at the cat and other games

I’ve been reading Nigel Latta, clinical psychologist and advocate of tough love parenting for little humans. 

Here’s Nigel’s take on the child’s decision making process:

“Before they decide to do something they have to decide if the cost of the behaviour is worth the outcome. For example, if you’re three years old and you want to throw a block at the cat you need to weigh up the costs and benefits of the behaviour. On the plus side it’s kind of fun to throw stuff at the cat, because it’s intensely interesting to explore what sort of effect blocks have on cats. Also the cat generally bolts out of the room which, if you’re a three year old megalomaniac is very satisfying indeed. Finally it gets you some quality one on one time with your mum or dad as they explain to you why we don’t throw blocks at Fluffy. On the down side you might get put in your room, or the blocks might be taken away. So before you throw you need to decide which action is worth more to you, and which has the least costs associated with it.

If the cost to them outweighs any benefits from being naughty then they’ll stop. You simply have to increase the cost of the bad behaviour until it becomes so expensive they can’t afford it any more.”

Simple, huh?  It’s just that my home-grown terrorist seems to be price insensitive. 

Luckily, we don’t have a cat.


One response to this post.

  1. Yea, and that’s another reason I’m on the road and not part of the grandchildren equation.
    Don’t you just love the little blighters….sometimes.
    The competitive nature in some little ones amazes me, they all want to be prime minister from day one.
    Interesting blogs.


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