Cheap n Eco-Chic

I have been trawling for the perfect bedroom curtains in a natural fabric with some serious warmth and character.  I uncovered beautiful antique linens on etsy and loved their texture and irregularities, not so much their price.  They also didn’t come in big enough widths – something to do with weaver-fatigue, being hand loomed. 

Hessian drapes in the sleep cave

I decided to use two long lengths of natural coloured hessian (burlap by any other name), which I looped over the curtain rail and left long enough to puddle on the floor. These panels have created a cosy sleep cave – perfection for the following reasons:

  1. Even after a wash, the hessian smells of dry hay in summer.  A little bit of country barn vibe in the city. Love it.
  2. The rough and uneven texture, loose weave and warm colour gently filters the light through one panel, and almost blocks with a double layer. Perfect looks and functionality.
  3. The panels are just thrown over the rail, so it’s totally no-sew, perfect for the criminally impatient and perpetually rushed.  The frayed edges just add to the flavour.  There was no ironing them after washing, since ironing is a waste of life and the  crumple looked just right.
  4. The miser within was delighted at the fact that 11 metres of fabric cost less than last night’s dinner.
  5. From a health perspective, they don’t give off nasty VOCs like so many other coated and man-made fibres.
  6. They give a warm eco-glow knowing that they’re made from jute which is apparently carbon neutral (but sadly not after chugging from India to Australia), improves soil quality, has a high biological efficiency, is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. 

Crumpled texture for $5 per metre


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Angela on January 9, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Just wondering where I can purchase some of this same fabric to make my own curtains. Cheers.


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