Floral Genius

Tracey Deep has a gift for manipulating and reimagining natural and manmade materials, both as a florist and sculptor.  Her current exhibition Seed uses barbed wire, twigs and sticks, discarded plastic, safety pins, rusted sheets of iron and bent steel.   Tracey fashions these foundlings, (which she finds ‘everywhere’ and sometimes keeps for years before using), into wonderful and delicate pieces. 

Twig structures are reminiscent of unfurling cocoons.  Spiked wire becomes a graphic abstract flower.  The materials are elevated from discarded objects and offcuts into finely balanced installations with serious attitude and appealing warmth.  I could definitely live with these.  

Barbed Wire Flower


Unfurling Twig Cocoon

Flock of Wire Nests

Detail of stick structure

Find Tracey at Floral Sculptures Studio G01, 59 Great Buckingham Street, Redfern 2016. 

The Seed show is on until Nov 23.


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