Call of the Wild, Tacoma


I have just discovered the wonderful woven world of Patrick Dougherty. His new book ‘Stickwork’ features his amazing woven sculptures.  They are whimsical woven structures made out of flexible saplings, which twine in and out of buildings or around natural structures.  They are part art, part primitive shelter, part fantasy playground.      

I’ve been dreaming of weaving  a woven play house for the backyard as I can’t abide those plastic play houses in sad faded plastic, which have ‘future landfill’ written all over them.  Now I have all the inspiration I need to build a veritable castle of twigs.  I have no idea how to weave a building, but how hard can it be?   


First, I need to find some materials, so I’m looking for a source of fresh young saplings that I can harvest – let me know if you have any ideas on where this could be?  Then I’ll channel my enthusiasm, totally unhindered by any thoughts of how difficult it might be.  Worst case, I’ve got myself some fire wood.     

Wild Dwellings, Hawaii



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