Pale, interesting and almost totally useless

Nordic teapots, Liz Hardy jug, Pillivuyt egg cup and other friends
Apparently the first step is admitting you have a problem.  I didn’t think my affection for white ceramics was a problem – just a few pieces, harmless enough.  Then it dawned upon me that I have an entire battalion of pale and interesting little breakables.  Problem is, I’m not admitting it’s a problem.  I want more.      

Vase by Marc Pascale


I never set out to amass a collection.  What’s the point of things that just sit on the shelf?  But circumstances have conspired against me.  Some arrived as gifts.  Others were inherited.  A funky vase from former colleagues here, an inherited teapot there, a beautiful pierced lantern and so on and so on, until I realise I’m surrounded with kindly people who have only fed my pre-existing porcelain complex.    

Porcelain votives from All Hand Made Gallery


Then Helen Stevens All Hand Made Gallery opened up down the road, with a cornucopia of beautiful ceramics which only encouraged the obsession.  Now that she’s moved, I’m on the hunt for other suppliers.    

At the moment, my mornings start with a powerful black coffee in an sea-urchin inspired cup from Have You Met Miss Jones.  I haven’t, but I do feel my life with be more complete with more of her great stuff. On the wish list are the giant button (in white), giant thimble (in white), a cockatoo (in white), and a pair of high top trainers (funnily enough, in white).  I can see the high tops sitting in my office full of pens and pencils…     

High tops from Have You Met Miss Jones


Ever had a collection sneak up and grow around you when you weren’t looking?            



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