Young Blood Designers Market goes Old School

The Young Blood and Designboom Market at the Powerhouse Museum on the weekend felt like a craft fair – the focus was on the handmade, beautifully executed.  And the punters seemed charmed by old fashioned craft skills being reimagined or reinterpreted by the designers. 

I’m not sure that the collection was hugely innovative, but it was enjoyable to see things made with soul.  The collection was approachable, domestic in scale, easy to envisage in your own home.  Sustainability was a common feature with many designs incorporating materials that had lived a previous life. In a country where it is so expensive for designers to get products manufactured, the handmade route offers an affordable path to executing original ideas.  It’s democratic design – the barriers to entry are low in the handmade sphere, so the designers’ talent becomes the deciding factor.  And that’s a good thing. 

Stacked Chest of Drawers by Mic Ritter

My favourite was Mic Ritter’s chest of drawers constructed from old chests and Globite suitcases.  It recalled the Droog chest of drawers, but would be easier to live with, channelling a vintage sensibility in a practical piece.  The dovetail joints and smooth running drawers in each suitcase all attested to his craftsmanship. 

The other item I wanted to take home was the exquisite folded paper decorations based on traditional Japanese techniques by Hideyo.  Made from pages of old books, the geometry and aged pages combined to form beautiful objects. 

Japanese paper decorations by Hideyo


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