Under the table dealings

With the rain pouring down outside and cabin fever setting in, I decided we needed an indoor playhouse that took up zero space, appealed to the little people, but didn’t assault my eyeballs or trip me over.  

I sewed a simple under-table playhouse for the dining table.  Rather than do a tablecloth type playhouse, I left the table top bare and tied the ‘house’ below it – I wanted a more understated look with the slab of tabletop as roof and the added bonus that the table is still completely functional and easy to clean.  

Playhouse with window shutters up


I cut porthole windows and a door flap in some plain calico, then bound all the edges with thick khaki cotton binding.  The windows have shutters that can be let down or rolled up, and cross bars of binding to give support to the window shape.   

The little people have moved their essentials in, and are now wondering where the other four walls are – OK, OK, it’s a work in progress since someone didn’t sleep long enough to let Mummy finish it.  

Playhouse with window shutters down


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