Why Join the Craft Bandwagon? 7 Reasons to DIY

Embroidering their way into a good marriage


Once upon a time people crafted goods because it was necessary.  Things had to be made for everyday life, or to make a living. Once the necessary was made, the urge to decorate it arose.  

Then somewhere along the way decoration got the upper hand and functionality became secondary – lace doilies were born, and young ladies diligently embroidered their way into a good marriage. 

Today craft (in the first world at least) is entirely optional. We don’t have to make our own clothes or furniture – others can mass produce them for us, and are likely to be more efficient.  Feminine allure is no longer enhanced by needlework skills (crochet bikinis aside). The handmade movement is entirely a choice, not a necessity.  But why participate? 


7 Reasons to DIY:    

1.  Complete control over bringing an object into reality in exactly the way you see fit, despite a mad, bad and dangerous world going on outside your sewing circle.  Control freaks, you can craft your own little universe. 

2. Meditation by simple repetitive action which stills the restless brain, and is far cheaper than therapy (for me personally there’s no relaxation until competence is achieved but that means the ego forces the brain to focus – fear of failure stills the maniac brain). 

3. Self actualisation through development of new skills, often far removed from those used to generate your income, in which case the craft skills must be spoken of with a heavy dose of irony  (hands up all you Once-Were-Corporate crafters – still astonished to see yourself participating? Painfully aware your younger self would have snorted at you?). 

4. Desire for the personality and imperfections of the handmade in a world of perfectly cloned machine-made goods.  The texture and colour of handling real world materials is a powerful antidote to a life dominated by 2 dimensional computer screens. 

5. Originality through personal touches that result in a unique object that captures the essence of an individual – if there’s one thing everyone has in common, it’s the desire to be unique. (Painting by numbers and using patterns can still result in originality if you stubbornly refuse to follow the rules (that would be me), or try to follow the rules and fail). 

6. Personal satisfaction gained from completion of a project that works, functionally or aesthetically, that you nurtured from inception to completion. Ahhhh, the satisfaction of closing a loop. 

7.  Obeying the biological imperative of the craft gene present due to generations of natural selection favouring creative minds. You can’t fight millions of years of evolution, so go ahead and pick up your needlework… 



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