My battle with the needle

I thought I was done with needles, but their insidious pull was too strong.  I found myself sucked back into the underworld of needle users just last night. 

The forming of an intimate group through shared experience was a big part of the pull. I found myself surrounded by glassy-eyed determined users, all clacking their knitting needles furiously, whilst I quietly swore under my breath as another stitch mysteriously dropped.  After my steely focus with shoulders frozen in extreme beginner concentration, and I think I need a post-knit massage this morning.

We’re supposedly making a scarf, but I’ve inspected my pitiful 5 rows of knitting this morning, the result of 3 hours hard labour, and it looks like a furry half-squashed grub limping along the needle.   The beautiful soft MillaMia wool and simple pattern promised so much, but the reality is a more organic and asymmetric thing that only a mother could love.  I think I’ll need to invest more time on the basics.  Luckily the thoughtful folk at MillaMia have lots of how-to links for beginners or those like myself that need a remedial class (not to mention a remedial massage). 

To my foxy flame-haired hostess and knitting-sisters-in-arms – great to see so many highly qualified and intelligent women doing battle with two small needles and a tame ball of wool.  Be warned, I’m thinking of swatting up on techniques this week so that I’m ready to completely dominate that ball of wool next week. 

(I was kindly informed by some sweet but misguided soul that it’s not a competition.  We’ll see). 


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Philippa Hardy on August 3, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Cool blog!!
    Sadly I won’t be there next week as prior engagement. Will there be a follow up session in x months time showing us how to cast off?
    Keep up the interesting work,
    Love Philippa (who sat next to you, but was so engrossed with the task at hand that I never asked your name!)


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