Upholstery on Acid – Rethinking Reupholstery

Patchwork VW by Spazio Rossana Orlandi via color-stripes.blogspot.com

I have been looking for inspiration to reupholster a mid-century armchair.  Not content with a conventional single colour or matchy-matchy fabrics (why does overt matching always bring to mind 80’s bridesmaid shoes covered in satin polyester fabric to match the dress?), I have been searching for ideas beyond the obvious. I’ve found a treasure trove of beautiful mismatched fabric covered items, some practical and some entirely decorative.  These unique objects with a handcrafted feel seem like the right antidote to mass-produced neutral furnishings.      

Some of the best examples of mis-matched upholstery on chairs I’ve found are at Edit.  These chairs have serious personality with brilliantly chosen fabrics.    



Milan Design Week 2010 also featured some craft-inspired designer pieces with interesting use of fabric.  The deer head is one of my favourites.   

Spazio Rossana Orlandi deer head via color-stripes.blogspot.com


 The UK company Squint does some eclectic patchwork reworkings of older furniture – it’s definitely statement furniture and not for the faint hearted.  But would it be like a never-ending acid trip living with this?    

Squint Limited patchwork sofa


 I love the beautiful vintage Middle Eastern fabrics used by Bokja Design to reupholster some classic furniture designs.  These chairs have soul.    

Reupholstered vintage sofa by Bokja Design


Reupholstered sofa and chair by Bokja Design


I’m now reconsidering my stance that patchwork is seriously naff.  I just hadn’t met the right patchwork.


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