Knitting Kit – what to wear to knitting class

One of the best things about taking up a new hobby is the opportunity to invest in the right kit for your new venture. Like Toad of Toad Hall buying the complete set of gear for each passing fad, I find the accoutrements of each new hobby irresistable.  Only once properly attired you can fully embrace the new venture.

If I’m returning to my lapsed yoga efforts, I’ll feel the urge to invest in organic yoga pants, a fair-trade loose-weave asymmetric bamboo tee and a hand-woven yak’s wool tote from Tibet.

If I’m upping the ante on the jogging front, I’ll need shiny metallic trainers, a handful of fresh ankle socks, terry towelling shorts with contrast piping, Skins to enhance professional image if not performance, and a sweat wicking techno-fibre aerodynamic singlet.

If I’m embarking upon lap swimming, I’ll need a new 4 way stretch Lyra one-piece with racer back, a silicone rubber swim cap, goggles with tinted lenses, a dinky little chamois towel and a bucket of fake tan.   

But now I’ve got knitting class to attend. 

What is the correct knitting kit?  Any ideas?


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