The hunting lodge look: vegetarians begone!

Winter brings out the medieval longing in me.  There’s that sudden urge to decorate my home like a hunting lodge, build roaring log fires, lounge on a bear skin rug with a  tankard of red wine in hand, and feast on large pieces of roast beast.  

Whilst in this mood, I appreciated these finds;

Ladies who Shoot Their Lunch is a wine which includes “a statement about responsible meat-eating.  If people choose to eat meat, they should be confronted with the reality of meat-eating.  That means understanding the animal it comes from, where that animal has lived, how it was killed and how the meat has been prepared…  We need to better understand and respect our meat, and cherish every bite!”. 

This definitely rings true.  The opportunity to brandish a weapon and wear tweed is hard to pass up, but past experience tells me the kill is confronting and the hunt needs to have a serious purpose (e.g. dinner). 

An avid hunter once told me ‘Every bear wants to be a rug’.  Whilst I’ve never asked a bear, I suspect the ‘Wanna be a Rug’ is a lunatic fringe, which gives a bad name to mainstream bears.  I am a big fan of animal leathers and hides, the colours and the feel of which are so hard to replicate with faux fur (you can feel the faux and immediately wonder how many Polyesters died for this?).

Cow hides and sheep fleeces are more my scene, but if domesticated animal skins are too pedestrian for you, but the Persian Bear in the rug below is also guaranteed non-endangered.

The ultimate hunting lodge decoration, the taxidermied trophy animal head, is a dramatic statement.   But to me, their glass eyes seem a bit sad and bored, and they often look like they need a good flea treatment.  I prefer the look of skulls, raw and sculptural, and not trying to ape the live version.  Or an updated version, the patchwork heads shown at Milan Design Week 2010.


If you have trouble with dead animal bits on walls and floors, you might find the completely sanitised abstract modern versions easier to live with.  

But if you can’t quite live with a dead animal on your walls, and you’re wearing leather shoes, then am I sniffing hypocrisy?


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