Scrapbitchin – scrapbooking for adults

Normally the whole concept of scrapbooking makes my toes curl – embellishing photos with mass-produced glittery pastel doodads,  twee comments and other folksy enhancements just isn’t my bag.  (It brings to mind unsavoury images of decorated school folders from teenage years… all the “i”s dotted with bubbles and a combination of hot hunks and fluffy kittens. Quelle horreur.)  But I’ve been reading Sibella Court’s deliciously tactile interiors book, “Etcetera”, which has won the Best Designed book of the Year 2010, and it is constructed just like a scrapbook.  

Sibella’s ‘lost and found’ style is liberating – she inspires you to try new ideas and experiment – after all, worst case you just move/repaint/rearrange.  Her emphasis on reusing and repurposing, finding beauty in imperfection and utilising found objects are all themes that resonate strongly with me.  

The book is appealingly rustic, with fascinating images built up across the page in a carefully constructed visual feast.  I love it.  It reminds me of a treasured old recipe book with yellowed pages, hand scrawled notes, oil splatters, scraps stuck in and bits falling out. No pre-packaged stick-on glitz and plastic here.  Just beautiful imagery, great thick matt paper, appealing fonts and chunky stencils, interesting textures and a droolworthy colours.  

So I’ve changed my mind, I’m gonna start scrapbitchin.  


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  1. Posted by Slinky on June 23, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    Hi Soph, I’ve been meaning to check out Sibella’s book since its release. It sounds inspiring and will definitely buy it now.


    • It’s one of those books you keep dipping into and see something new each time – the photography is just beautiful, and I love that the things she features are so broad and so attainable: bird skulls to handwritten letters to beautiful bits of fabric.


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