eBay: I can’t get no satisfaction

One of the problems with eBay: every time I ‘win’ I get buyer’s remorse, (clearly I’ve paid too much!), but every time I lose I get loser’s remorse, (I should have paid more, darn it!)…  For some reason the one that got away is even more attractive when in someone else’s hands.

I’m on an ongoing quest for the perfect mid-century armchair (angular, strong but elegant, attractively aged, just think Don Draper), and the ridiculously exaggerated and inaccurate descriptions keep disturbing me.  The generous level of assumed buyer stupidity is none too flattering.

Should a chair really be described as “Retro Eames Featherston Parker Danish Mid Century” era ? To my knowledge this could mean anywhere from 1950 to 1990.  And does a common era mean reflected glory on all furniture of that period? I am “Kate Moss era”, but that doesn’t make me a supermodel. 

Gush about AWESOME! UNIQUE! STUNNING! wares brings to mind real estate chicanery – “embraced by stunning ambience, vogue gourmet kitchen, affording an opulent lifestyle…”.  Really? 

But despite all this, I continue to search through the bluster of words, and limp on gamely after auction disappointments, sure that pre-loved perfection is just around the corner.  Satisfaction will be mine.  

50s KAFKA Armchair - Featherston/retro era

↑The Kafka that got away:  I just know that the winner will now go and destroy it with a revamp in some vile fabric. Sigh. We could have been so happy together.


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