Time to take to the trees

I have dreams of building the perfect tree house.  It’s ostensibly for my children, but I can envisage retreating there with a large glass of Pinot, a plate of cheese and a magazine.   

My original inspiration came from the treehouse in The Magic Pudding, a cottage in a twisted eucalypt with a special enclosure for keeping the bad-tempered pudding.  Now I have a tree in the backyard which is crying out for an arboreal abode.

The examples below from around the globe have only increased my urge to take to the sky and build (or more accurately, ask Handy Husband and his Builder Brother to strap on their tool belts):


The key features I’d like to include (which I’ve been mulling over since about age 5) include:

  • Building materials that blend into the branches.  (I’m thinking of a structure which is wound around with branches, making it look like a giant nest).  Tweet tweet.
  • Pulley system with basket, for bringing up supplies
  • Trapdoor in the floor
  • Wooden ladder up the tree trunk
  • Windows with shutters that open and close
  • Telescope
  • Rope hanging to the ground – for fast escapes down the trunk

Have I forgotten anything here?  Perhaps a crash mat below, for any fledglings that fall out of the nest?  But wouldn’t a soft landing just encourage sky diving? 

Some further reading:

Professional builders of truly amazing tree houses: www.blueforest.com, www.amazontreehouses.com, http://romerostudios.com

Free advice on how to build a treehouse: www.thetreehouseguide.com

Buy a treehouse plan: www.treehouseguides.com or read Tree houses you can actually build, if you want to start simple:

Read about the philosophy of tree houses from Kobayashi-san, Japanese Master tree-house builder:


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