All I want for Mother’s Day is…

…my car cleaned.  It currently contains middens of discarded sultanas and biscuit crumbs, alongside mummified bits of fruit.  So a car without the detritus of small humans tops the list.

But I’ve now got to thinking…. there’s a few other things that would be nice;

1. A hot bath with all plastic animals and toy cars removed, drawn just for me, with double bubbles: bubbles of Badedas bath gelee (delicious stuff – those clever Germans) and a glass of champagne (over to the clever French now), plus 30 minutes to myself so I can enjoy it.

2. A new compact-size sketchbook, leather bound, beautiful plain paper within, ready to chuck in my satchel with some new pens or pencils that are satisfying to use – the ones where the line just flows and flows and there’s no scratching and stuttering and breakage, just pure flow across the page. 

3. A Mongolian cashmere blanket in any shade of Richie Benaud (cream, bone, white, off-white, ivory or beige).  Just toasty.

I’d also settle for perfectly cooked toast and Vegemite.


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