Made to Measure Mirrors

I have just visited Subtle Finish in search of a made-to-measure mirror for our mantle piece.  Whilst I’d love to have an antique mirror, I haven’t had any luck finding one, despite scouring eBay, charity shops and Chateau clearance sales for miles around.  So I’m hunting for something with the beauty of ancient gilding, but without the need for a second mortgage.

Pete Link has years of experience in gilding and antique restoration in Europe, which he’s now applied to making mirrors and frames, as well as doing restoration work.  The exquisite layers of yellow or white gold gilding, soft chalky gesso and antiqued mirror surfaces within are incredibly beautiful. 

I’m wary of the fauxtique school of ‘new made old’, but these mirrors are in a different class – quality stuff by a master craftsman, whose finishes are applied with a subtle hand.

Now I just need to decide between the understated limed finish, or the refined gold leaf.  Decisions, decisions.   Maybe I need two?


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