The Common Myna – feathered feral pest

I’ve had enough, I’m declaring war on the Common Myna bird.  First they swoop in and steal food when I leave the outdoor table, and leave their poop on the table.  Then I see them pestering other birds, driving them away like relentless little feathered Hitlers.  Then they come strutting in the open back door when I leave the room, and leave poop on the floor, the sofa and the kitchen bench.  So much for bringing the outdoors in. 

I figured, first step: know thine enemy.  I did some research. These particular rats with wings have been included (amongst only 3 birds) in the world’s top 100 most invasive species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

They are particularly adept at kicking native birds out of their nesting hollows and driving them away.  They are efficient at populating urban environments since they prefer open spaces such as public parks and backyard lawns, and enjoy living off food scraps provided by handy humans. 

So now I’ve bought a trap and commenced a trapping regime.  I invested in the Myna Magnet Mini-Myna trap, which has been specially designed for my foe.  It’s taken weeks of testing the trap in various positions and using various bait, but I’ve now made 5 citizens arrests.  The winning formula seems to be setting up the trap away from the house, on elevated ground, and providing cooked sausages as bait, cut up nice and small. 

Already, it’s had an impact on the number of native birds visiting the garden, and reduced the amount of visitors who steal food and poop in my house.   

Anyone got a decent Myna bird pie recipe?


4 responses to this post.

  1. genius!
    My remedy for scaring them away from nesting in my garage was plastic snakes (which didn’t work) and then strips of foil in key landing places – which did work!


  2. Posted by haski on April 21, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Preferred disposal methods? Carbon 1 or 2 oxide? Or a Carl Williams style “in house” execution from another disenfranchised Mynabird inmate?


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