A world of my own

I’m building a world of my own.  It’s small but perfectly formed, green and peaceful, and there’s no taxes.  It’s bringing the outside in, and then trapping it in a jar.

I went searching for inspiration and found these micro-worlds:

If you want to build a world of your own, that no one else can share:

1. Choose your universe: the container can be almost anything that is watertight with enough room for some soil, with or without a lid. Glass maximises light, but any open dish or container would do – it just changes the amount you need to water (water less with closed environments – overwatering is the natural enemy of a terrarium plant, so try to resist your urge to over-parent).

2. Go plant hunting. If the far reaches of the Amazon aren’t feasible, a 10 minute walk out your front door should be sufficient.  I did some ‘gleaning’ of neighbouring plants that needed a good home, and found some moss in a cemetary (no, I did not scrape it off a grave, it was beside a path. Thanks for asking). 

3. Line container with a layer of gravel (2cm/1″) then soil, then plants. You might want to pimp your world with garden gnomes, rocks, shells, a castle…

4. Water sparingly.  Watch over it.  Control it.  Introduce democracy, or if you prefer, a benign dictatorship – heck, it’s your world.


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