Top 5 designer baby cribs

You want something beautiful for your little miracle to slumber in.  Of course you do.  Here are some beautiful baby beds that you might just fall in love with. 

1. Soleil bed to desk by Castor and Chouca

The round windows with plexiglass allow you to see your little bundle, and later you can remove one plexiglass panel to allow a toddler to climb into bed.  Then when it’s time for a spot of education, the bed converts to a very funky looking desk indeed.

2.  Baby cot pod by PER design

Sleekly futuristic and aerodynamic, this is a sleep pod for the modern baby who already knows they want to be an aeronautical engineer.

It has a folding trestle base in plastic or wood, and a carry handle on the pod. 

3. Le Petit Voyage by Kenneth Cobonpue

Whimsical and adorable, a woven masterpiece on a steel frame, it looks like a cosy coracle for a baby to float away in.  Love it.

4. Nest Crib by OFFI

 Pure lines and simple, understated beauty, it converts to a toddler bed when the time comes to toddle .

Made of bent plywood and veneer with painted hardwood rails and metal legs.

5. Roh Crib by Spot on Square

A wooden frame with 1 or 2 clear sides, resulting in a comfortingly safe and solid, yet light and airy slumber space.

 Acrylic sides (BPA and phthalates free) with walnut frame.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Amongst the designs my personal choice would be the first one. Although the second crib looks cool with the futuristic concept as well. Are these cribs available in the market now? If they are where can I find them?


  2. All of these are available, except perhaps the second design which I haven’t found for sale anywhere. I’m not sure where you are geographically, but stockists can be found for the others by following their links included in the post. Happy shopping!


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