I’m a little teapot, sleek and svelte

Whilst polishing my Picquotware  (just another mad, bad and dangerous weekend), the thought occurred to me that my favourite Picquotware teapot and the Citroen DS (in my Top 5 most beautiful cars of all time) must have a common ancestor.  What do you think?  Third cousins, twice removed?

↑ Picquotware T6 teapot (released in 1947, based on a 1938 design which was delayed due to war), made from an aluminium alloy with wooden sycamore handle and hornbeam lid lifter.  Passed down to me by my father.

 ↓ The Citroen Goddess from 1973.  Why drive a car when you can drive a flying saucer with wheels?  Sadly Dad doesn’t have one of these to pass on to me.  


One response to this post.

  1. I do not think I’ve seen this depicted that way before. You actually have clarified this for me. Thanks!


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