Before and After: Desk Overhaul

I uncovered this desk in an old farm shed, and decided to rescue it from its resident spiders and peeling paint, so it could be recommissioned as a child’s desk. 

It may have been a lady’s writing desk once, but after this period of scented notepaper and elegant penmanship, it was tricked up in primary colours (hello 1980’s) and drafted into service as a child’s desk for my brothers and I whilst on School of the Air

It has various scars to prove how rough children can be on furniture when armed with a compass and bad attitude.  I decided it was in desperate need of a strip/sand/paint/wax job, so it could be ready for the onslaught of another generation.

↑BEFORE: the desk in all its malevolent blue glory.  Eyeball scorcher… 

↑AFTER: Porters Milk Paint in Sableux, finished with bee’s wax. This paint is non toxic and therefore very safe for kids. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the kids in relation to the furniture.


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