Never underestimate a Country Bunny

This book is a gift for my daughter for her first Easter. 

I know it looks like another saccharine children’s tale, but The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes is a surprise package.  Written in 1939, it was way ahead of its time.  It features a little brown girl rabbit from the country, who dreams of one day being chosen as an important Easter Bunny, despite the fact that all Easter Bunnies are big male jack rabbits.

I loved this book as a child, for both the illustrations and the messages;

1. You can achieve your ultimate career goal even if you have 21 children

2. Children can learn to be self-sufficient happy little bunnies doing household chores, once they “stop being babies” (when is that, exactly?)

3. Important jobs can be done by mother bunnies, not just big white arrogant city jack rabbits 

3. Even little brown bunnies from the country love gold shoes!

↓Cottontail the country bunny with her 21 baby bunnies (and no partner in sight – she’s the original Octo-Mum).



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