Welcome to the Doll House

At the risk of sounding like a crazy-lady doll house collector who stalks her prey on eBay,  I’m really enjoying renovating my old doll house for my baby girl.   For me, the emphasis has always been firmly on the house, not the dolls.  (How can you respect a homeowner who spends the night face down in the sandpit, and is still smiling like a maniac the next morning, with nothing to say about the new lounge room makeover? ).   My initial inspiration was my grandmother who made me an entire doll house full of furniture, complete with hand sewn soft furnishings, art and curios.  She used a cigar box for a bed, an inverted plastic strawberry punnet covered in velvet for an ottoman, wallpapered the walls and even used a toothpaste cap as a vase, with tiny dried flowers in it.  I spent hours rearranging the furniture and dreaming up new decorating schemes.

Whilst hunting around for further inspiration, (and finding plenty of oldie-worldie-chintzy tat, targeted at the abovementioned crazy lady), I came across some brilliant versions.  They aren’t just great doll houses – I actually want to live in one:

↑ The Hase Weiss portable  doll house has removable/interchangeable rooms, either stacked on each other or kept in their carry case, which can be decorated however you choose;  go ahead, knock out a wall – cheapest renovation you’ll ever do. 


← Home on the go doll house, packs up like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, for the peripatetic doll in your life.

↑ Plan Toys doll house  has green credentials – a wind turbine and solar panels. Bless.

 ↑ The Playsam  doll house. Oh so simple and picture perfect.  More challenging to live in, but perhaps suitable for a bachelorette’s pied a terre.  

↑ Lundy Stockholm  doll house, complete with working lights, mosaic spa and roof top garden, this swinging pad is party central.  But is there a problem when a little girl’s  doll house has more facilities on offer than her own home?


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