Last visit to the hardware store, I got distracted by the possibilities of various small silver and brass washers and nuts.  I took them home and knotted them onto leather strands to make jewellery – necklaces or bracelets to pile on in layers that can happily handle hot showers, ocean swims and wrestling toddlers.

Cost of washers & leather – less than a cup of coffee

Telling them you got it at Bunnings – priceless

dec09 028


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  1. I admired this around your darling neck a few Sundays ago and wondered where it came from. I often feel like all I say is “where did you get that?”. Now I know. Bunnings!!!! But seriously is there anything you cannot do?? I need one. My birthday is July 27 and I’ll buy you a coffee.x


  2. Posted by Christina on March 23, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Excellent. I shall approach my husband’s “man drawer” with a whole new frame of mind….


  3. Posted by Christina on March 24, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Sorry, reference was to comedian Michael McIntyre who may not have made it Down Under yet.
    Should I be worried that you are discussing my husband’s drawers? And where have you seen a shed in central London? Other than as a principal residence, of course.


    • Apologies, I am forgetting the living conditions under which you labour. It’s just that ‘man drawer’ is terribly emasculating. Since every woman needs a room of her own, surely every man needs a shed? The pubs and gentlemen’s clubs in London are an attempt to cater for this primal need in the male species.


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